Local businesses and health experts join marijuana debate

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – As recreational marijuana sales get rolling Tuesday in Washington state, area shop owners and addiction specialists are weighing in on legalizing the drug.

Anthony Barry, the owner of Superfly Comics & Games in Yellow Springs said he would be all for a shop popping up next to his.

“The kinds of people who would be into purchasing it legally, would absolutely be largely my customer base. I would love to have one nextdoor.”

Helen Jones-Kelley– the Executive Director of the Alcohol, Drug Addictions, and Mental Health Services Board of Montgomery County– didn’t believe Ohio would be entering that territory any time soon.

She also discussed marijuana as a gateway drug.

“I don’t think we would have to resort necessarily to legalizing marijuana, to continue to build our workforce.”

Barry said he has done his own research, and doesn’t believe it should be illegal at all.

“You know there would be more money in the area for my customers to have and spend here. It would bring more people to the area, it would increase tourism. I think it’s a win-win all around.”

Jones-Kelley was much more reluctant.

“It sounds neat, It sounds interesting. But I think there a lot of ramifications, and I’m glad that Ohio is really taking time, instead of rushing forward to do something just because other states are doing it.”

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