Sinclair partners with OSU on drone education

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Sinclair Community College is partnering with The Ohio State University to advance its work in drone technology.

Sinclair recently received $4 million in state funding to renovate and expand its facilities on campus.

The National Unmanned Aerial Systems Training and Certification Center is a new program for Sinclair that promotes drone development and education.

Estimates are 80 percent of the uses of those drones will be in precision agriculture. They’ll collect data on things like soil conditions.

Gathering and mining that data is what Sinclair and Ohio State want to prepare students to do.

So far Sinclair has had 500 students in its UAS programs and has done more than 70 test flights this year, more than any other Ohio organization.

The school has invested $5 million dollars in in its UAS programs, along with that $4 million in state funding.

We wanted to know if the investment is worth it.

“I think what’s important is to be on the leading edge from a national perspective,” says Deb Norris, Sinclair’s Vice-President of Workforce Development.

The new partnership with Ohio State will allow for students to transfer their coursework in drones to OSU.

“It’s a real opportunity for us to help drive the economy of Ohio and the region,” says David Williams, Dean of Engineering at Ohio State.

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