Beavercreek man loses whopping 250 pounds

BEAVERCREEK, Ohio (WDTN) – He’s a hard working guy who can inspire us all to lose a few a pounds.

Bradley Jordan lost a whopping 250 pounds by entering the BeachBody Challenge.

Not only did he lose the weight, he gained more than a $100,000 in prize money.

Team BeachBody is a health and fitness program that provides motivation and support products for people to get fit.

Jordan is quoted on the Team BeachBody web site as saying he wore a size 54 pant and 6 XL shirt. His motivation to lose weight was his children and the loss of his job.

Bradley says he lost 203 pounds in 9 months, so we did some checking about whether that amount of weight loss in that short of time is safe.

We called Kettering Weight Loss Solutions. Dietitian Marta Wright, RDLD says on average a safe weight loss per week is two pounds. She also stressed how important it is to be monitored by a doctor, especially if you must lose a lot of weight.

Wright says patients at Kettering Weight Loss have a doctor who works with them closely and conducting any necessary testing to make sure the weight loss is safe and healthy.

Dr. Rob, a frequent contributor to Living Dayton, says men can lose weight faster than women, but one to three pounds is a typical weekly weight loss.

We spoke with Bradley today at his new job. What he has to say about his journey on 2 NEWS at 6.


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