Police: Crimes of opportunity could be happening in your neighborhood

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – Huber Heights police are warning about a number of thefts from cars, and say you could be making it easy for the crooks to strike.

Police say a majority of the break-ins have been happening in the area around Chambersburg and Bellefontaine roads.

In each case, the thieves are breaking into unlocked vehicles.

Wendy Hays has lived in the area for three years and says this summer has been one of the worst.

“It’s pretty frequent to see them walking up and down and looking in the cars,” observed Hays.

Spare change and other valuable items are all on the list of what is being taken. Some worry it could be more.

“It’s the only car I have,” says Teresa Barrett. “It’s my lifeline to get me back and forth to work.”

Police are asking for people to be proactive to stop the thieves.

One way they are asking for help is for people to leave their front porch lights on or park under a street light. They want it to look like people are up and around and paying attention.

Another thing police say you can do is to take away any reason someone would want to break in to your vehicle.That is as easy as taking out all of your valuables and locking your doors.

As always, if you see anything suspicious, call 911.

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