Warren County tourism breaks records

MASON, Ohio (WDTN) -Warren County is quickly becoming one of the places to visit in Ohio.

A recent study by the state proves that. It said tourism is the number one industry there.

Thousand of tourists from all over the country flock to Warren County every year.

Ever since the amusement park opened in the area in the 70’s this county has boomed with business.

“Our brand promises there’s more to do within a 30 mile radius in Warren county than any place else. So we have a lot of attractions in this area and attractions beget other attractions so there’s been a multiplier effect,” said Warren County Visitor’s Bureau CEO Phil Smith.

That effect is paying off, literally. A study by the state shows last year, the county brought in more than $1 billion in their total annual sales. That’s never happened before which is great news for the area.

“That’s a lot of people coming into Warren County, spending their money and going home and it generates a lot of taxes for the general fund of Warren County and the municipalities within Warren County,” said Smith.

It’s shopping, canoeing, amusement parks, zip lining and water parks that keep people coming through town and spending money.

With a population of about 230,000, Warren County is one of the fastest growing areas in Ohio and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon.

“That’s a milestone we’ve been hoping to reach for some time,” said Smith.

Smith tells 2 NEWS they’re already working on bringing even more people to Warren County.

He said their next project is a sports complex.

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