Postal Service OKs Oakwood address change

US Postal Service Mailbox (Photo WDTN/Staff)
US Postal Service Mailbox (Photo WDTN/Staff)

OAKWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – If you’re from Oakwood, you can now addressing your mail that way.

The city has obtained approval from the US Postal Service to begin using “Oakwood, Ohio” as the preferred last line on the official mailing address.

This changes a long-standing policy under which Oakwood residents and businesses were directed by the US Postal Service to use “Dayton, Ohio” as the last line, said City Manager Norbert Klopsch.

Klopsch noted that over the years, residents occasionally asked if they could use “Oakwood, Ohio” on their address.

“I think it’s a matter of community pride”, Klopsch said. “We appreciate the US Postal Service approving this change.”

Oakwood residents and businesses may begin using Oakwood, Ohio, followed by their appropriate zip code on the last line for all incoming and outgoing postal mailings.

The change is effective immediately.

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