Shooting range noise too much for neighbor

VANDALIA, Ohio – (WDTN) A Vandalia woman is speaking out about concerns over noisy neighbors.

It’s not loud music– it’s gunshots from the gun range near her neighborhood.

The Miami Valley Shooting Grounds is about a mile away from Barb Haven’s neighborhood. But she says that is close enough.

“It’s just kind of like being in a war zone. Constantly hearing the pop, pop, pop of guns or machine gun like things and sometime big explosion things,” said Haven.

Haven has been living on Palomino Ave for 17 years but she really started noticing all the noises from the gun range when she retired a couple years ago.

“You don’t know what time of day you are going to hear them, how long you are going to hear them or how loud it’s going to be,” said Haven.

She took her concerns to the city and found other neighbors had done the same.

Haven said the city even hired a noise company and conducted a study

“The problem with that is even though sometimes their noises were way off the chart it has to be for a certain length of time and certainly a gun shot just goes “pop” then its over. It’s never for a long enough time for them to legally do anything,” said Haven.

So now they are back at square one. She said it’s not about the guns. It’s the noise.

“It kind of grates on your nerves after a while.”

I called the owner of Miami Valley Shooting Grounds, Dana Tackett and asked him about the noise.

He told me he has plans to install sound baffles that will keep the noise down.

He said despite the fact that he is not breaking any laws when it comes to noise; he is trying to be a good neighbor.

2 NEWS called the city of Vandalia to see what they have done about the noise complaints but have not heard back.

We will let you know when I get a response.

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