Residents allowed back home in Harrison Twp.

HARRISON TWP., Ohio (WDTN) – While firefighters attacked the flames at Alpine Metal Finishing, deputies went door to door, evacuating people near the facility.

More than a dozen of those people spent the night at Northridge High School, two miles away from the fire. They were shuttled by RTA buses.

Dozens of others were picked up by friends or family members.

Because firefighters were dealing with hazardous materials, and also being in defensive mode, they wanted everyone within a quarter of a mile to the north and west to be sent to safety.

The size of the flames quickly caught the attention of many neighbors.

Some of them saw photos popping up on social media; others heard a knock at the front door.

By the time the last bus pulled out of the parking lot just after 3:30 a.m. there were only a handful of people on it.

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