Local dog breaks dock diving record

Storybook breaks dock diving record
Storybook breaks dock diving record. (WDTN Photo/Jennifer Ison)

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WDTN) – Never let it be said that dogs don’t fly. Storybook proves otherwise.

The black labrador and her handlers are from West Milton. They competed in a dock diving competition over the past several days and Storie, as he likes to be called, broke the national record in dock diving. He didn’t break the record once, oh no, he broke it twice, besting his best.

Storie jumped 29 feet, four inches to break the record the first time. She then broke her own record with a 29 foot, six inch jump.

The previous record was 29 feet, one inch at the Purina Invitational in Atlanta where Storybook placed third overall.

JD and Ronalee McKnight train with Storie as part of the Gem City Dog Obedience Club in Dayton.




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