Despite false alerts, OU followed its plan

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Tuesday’s scare at Ohio University (OU) is putting the spotlight on preparations for an active shooter scenarios.

The OU Police Chief Andrew Powers told 2 NEWS’ Beairshelle Edmé that his staff followed every protocol. Under the circumstance, he says if in fact a shooter was present, they were prepared to handle the situation.

“The instant I became aware of it, we were in the middle of it already. You don’t have time to think about this or how I feel about anything else. You do what you’ve been trained to do.and go from there,” Chief Powers.

Ohio University officials say they received a call that there was a possible shooting.

2 NEWS asked how prepared they were to use their system.

The chief says they went into the building and did not find an immediate threat, but despite that, tactical teams still had to use the tools to contact all of campus and assess the threat.

We also reached out to local schools like Wright State University(WSU); officials there say what used to work in these scenarios is no longer effective.

They want people to run if they can, and hide if necessary.

“A campus this size where we have so many buildings on campus, the concept of lock down does not pertain to us. when you have a campus this widespread, a lock down is ineffective,” said Chief David Finnie with WSU Police.

Local officials also note that how they communicate with the campus is critical.

Tuesday, Ohio University used their automated text and email system, but also used social media–a new tool.

Those we spoke with say social media is an especially effective way to reach students. .


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