Toddler and smoke detector save family

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio (WDTN) – The Huber Heights Fire Department lauds the efforts of a toddler who awakened her family during an overnight blaze.

Three-year-old Autumn Brown, who lived at 7249 Charlesworth in Huber Heights, heard the piercing sound of the smoke alarm and told her mother to wake up her one year old sister. Those efforts, according to the fire department, were life saving.

Huber Heights Fire Lt. Andy Rammel says it’s a message firefighters constantly spread.

“It’s just another key point that smoke detectors save lives at a very young age. She was maybe 3 years old and knew exactly what to do”.

The fire began in the kitchen with food left cooking on the stove and according to neighbor Jeff Murphy, smoke filled the front yard of the home and the little girls were screaming and crying.

The Huber Heights Fire Department says Huber residents who need any information about the installation or selection of a smoke detector should call 937-233-1564.

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