Local congressman reacts to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) Members of Congress are speaking out about the role the U.S. should play in investigating and responding to this tragedy.

Congressman Mike Turner (R- 10th District) says this is a prime example that Russia does not want to be a part of the international community.

Friday, he says President Vladimir Putin must be held accountable for this crash.

In a morning meeting, Turner says lawmakers are asking questions about how this happened and why a missile was fired.

A big question tonight for the congressman is why Russia will not allow international investigators onto the crash site to gather information and evidence.

2 NEWS asked Turner how he and Congress plan to hold Russia accountable.

“Sanctions are sort of dial that sort of turns up when someone starts to act less like a member of the international community. By taking out a commercial airline, citizens who are just absolute victims of this tragedy, Vladimir Putin has shown he’s not for the international community and I think that sanctions should be increased,” said Turner.

Turner also told 2 NEWS that the U.S. should provide military assistance, including equipment, along with information to aid Ukraine.

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