Fired RTA bus driver now a target of arson probe

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Fired RTA driver Rick Wagoner says he is innocent in an arson probe by Dayton police and fire investigators.

The investigation revolves around a 2010 fire at property that Wagoner had bought under a land contract deal from Mark B. Harris, Wagoner’s former teacher at Trotwood High School. The address on those houses are 902 Five Oaks Ave. and 24 Bellevue Ave. in Dayton.

The fire was ruled suspicious, and now four years later, is being looked at along with other fires at property that belong to Wagoner.

Wagoner told 2NEWS Monday that he is innocent of any arson probe including a fire that occurred July 5 of this year at 1215 W. Riverview Ave. in Dayton. He said he did not know until Sunday that the property had burned and considered suspicious in origin.

Wagoner’s name was not on any of the home owner policies. Only Mark B. Harris’ name is on those documents.

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