A special camp offers acceptance for young amputees

CLARKSVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Millions of people live with the loss of limbs, and millions more are at greater risk for amputation.

A local camp in Clarksville is set up for young amputees and is a place that gives them the freedom to explore and have fun.

Five days of exploration and a good time for kids who, for various reasons, have lost a limb, and perhaps more than one limb.

It’s the Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp that caters to the young people.

Campers come from all over the United States and this year, Germany. Each has a story to tell about their disability without apology and the same holds true for counselors who are also amputees.

The kids learn life can be normal, even though outside of this fun wilderness, they often find themselves the objects of bullies.

At the camp, all images are understood.

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