WPAFB announces cut off date for retirement notification

Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Photo/WDTN Staff)
Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Photo/WDTN Staff)

WPAFB, Ohio (AP/WDTN) – Civilian employees at Wright Patterson Air Force Base will have until August 1 to notify officials if they plan to retire or leave with incentives ahead of hundreds of layoffs this fall.

The incentives are meant to encourage employees to leave voluntarily before the base eliminates 372 workers by October 1.

The Air Force says it will save $1.6 billion by eliminating more than 3,400 jobs throughout the service.

Base spokesman Daryl Mayer confirms to 2 NEWS that employees must leave by leave by September 30 to receive incentives.

That applies to employees who are at least 50 years old with at least 20 years federal service or employees of any age with at least 25 years of federal employment.

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