Dayton spending $80,000 on new trees

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The city of Dayton is working to replace many of its trees after a little bug leaves a big problem.

The city is shelling out $80,000 to buy new trees to spruce up the area. It’s in the process of removing ash trees that have fallen victim to the emerald ash borer.

Although the city has lost much more, the money will pay for about 400 new trees.

Officials have stated none of the replacements will be from the ash family. Right now, crews are cleaning up the dead foliage destroyed by the small pests.

The new trees will be planted around the city in between the curbs and the sidewalks.

City officials have outlined the benefit of the shrubbery and have said the new trees are worth it.

“Having trees on your property can help you sell your property,” said Fred Stovall, Director of Public Works. “It adds value. We needed clean air, we need the trees to clean the air around that we all live and work and play in this community. So trees add great value to our community.”

If you have any dead trees in between your curb and the sidewalk that need to be picked up, call Public Works at 937-333-4800.

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