Severe storm damages home

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – Tina Rabe says what took a chunk of her roof off happened in mere moments.

“It almost felt like a tornado touched down and came back up,” she said.

The Rabe family believes a tornado is to blame for damages to their home. Their neighbors house untouched.

Tina said she remembers the moments that led up to the possible tornado touchdown.

“It was nice and calm. The trees were blowing a little bit, and all of the sudden it hit like a ton of bricks. The whole house lifted up off the ground, and slammed back down,” said Rabe.
Among the damages.. Much of the front half of the roof was thrown to the back side of the house.

And one of the trees was completely uprooted.

All and all, Tina said she remains positive. She and her son and daughter were safe after the incident, but she said it could’ve been much worse.

“I mean I was standing right at the glass window when it hit. I had to slam the door and held it shut. I opened the door enough to look and it about ripped it right off the hinges,” said Rabe.

For the Rabe family, it was simply being in the right place at the wrong time.

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