Doctor still valid in the US, suspended in the UK

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -After a medical council in the UK received more than three dozen concerns about Dr. Jayaprakash Gosalakkal, or Dr. Jay, they suspended his license to practice medicine while they investigated.

In May we asked how he was able to treat patients here in Ohio while suspended there.

We were told, decision makers here were waiting for the results of the UK investigation and now they have their answer.

Dr. Jay was working as the medical director of the neurology division at Dayton Children’s’ from 2012-2013.

But a 2 NEWS Investigation found at the same time he was caring for young patients there, his license in the U-K was suspended and he never told his employer or the Ohio Medical Board about it.

Dayton Children’s told us they fired Dr. Jay when they found out about the allegations and review, saying they wouldn’t have hired him had he not been able to get a license through the Ohio medical board.

After 2 NEWS Investigates informed the Ohio board and its director of Dr. Jay’s suspension, we were told they would be looking into it, but there wasn’t much they could do until a final decision was made in the U-K.

That decision has come.

They dismissed a lot of the major allegations but still found two charges of misconduct.

Therefore he officially is suspended for six months. But he still has his Ohio medical license.

We called Ohio’s medical board back with questions.

They won’t comment on specifics but said action by another state or international board can be grounds for action on an Ohio license.

We also called Dr. Jay’s attorney, Dave Duwel. He told us Dr. Jay is pleased most of the serious charges were thrown out and he’s still disputing the two others.

He tells us Dr. Jay is not practicing medicine anywhere right now until he gets his suspension resolved.

The medical panel determination said they agreed Dr. Jay is a competent clinician who is passionate about the care of patients.

However, they said, in their words, he doesn’t fully have the insight into his misconduct yet.

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