Osher pleads guilty to killing stepfather


SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – A Clark County man will serve at least 18 years in prison after pleading guilty in court Monday.

Larry Osher shot and killed his stepfather, Paul Todd, on March 30.

Osher pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and one count of felonious assault.

We spoke with Shawn Murphy, attorney for the case, and he says Osher’s sentence carries life in prison with the possibility of parole after 18 years.

Osher had a long criminal history that spanned all the way to California. He was let out early of a 25 years to life sentence. Since then, he moved to Clark County.

Sheriff Gene Kelly said this was the case of a career offender and that he believes Osher’s stepfather could still be alive if he wasn’t let out of prison

“He should not have been let out,” Kelly says. “This is a great concern. Individuals like this who are career offenders are why you build prisons.”

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