Severe weather impacts pools, rec centers see decrease in revenue

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – One impact of this cooler temperatures and recent severe weather is the dip in attendance for several local swimming pools.

The Aquatic Center and indoor pool at the Kettering Recreational Center was splashing with activity Monday.

From classes to pool parties to everyday fun, all can be found at the center, but sometimes the weather causes a shut down.

“The June numbers are down a little bit from 2013, were down approximately 500 patrons for attendance. But in comparison for 2013 we were actually closed twice the number of hours this year to last year,” said Meagan Montgomery, a coordinator with the aquatic center.

Knowing the chances weather can close out the aquatic center, officials have a back up plan.

“You know, we can’t control the weather, but again we have the indoor pool which has continued to bring people in the gate and we also have our programs which bring people in as well,” Montgomery reiterated when asked how officials deal with effects of the temperamental weather conditions.

2 NEWS reached out to the Kettering Recreational Center’s Business Department to see just how much these closures hurt revenue.

Officials said for June they lost nearly $2,000 in fees from daily patrons, both resident and non-residents.

However, the center raked in $70,000 in total for last month.

Officials said a loss, big or small, is worth addressing.

To make up for last month’s decrease, officials reduced their operations staff on days with fewer patrons and closures, which saves dollars for the city.

For the time being, officials hope the rest of summer brings on the heat.

“Well we still have to finalize the numbers for July. We’re hoping that even though it’s sort of the end of the season, that we’ll have kind of a hot spell, bring out everyone,” Montgomery said.

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