Fruit farm wilted by construction

BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) — Summer is the season in which Monnin Fruit Farm is typically booming, but construction is majorly impacting its business.

Frederick Pike under I-70 is closed until the beginning of November. According to ODOT, I-70 is being widened to three lanes to ease traffic congestion. Now, folks looking to get to the farm have to take a detour.

“We come here a lot,” admitted Carolyn VanDyne who lives in Englewood. “Everything is so fresh and good. And regardless of how we have to get here, we get here!”

The family said construction has already cut business by about 25 percent. Glenn Monnin, one of the managers, said the farm is losing about $1,000 a day because of the construction. The farm has also had to cut employees’ hours because of the lack of customers.

The farm has also seen its fair share of loss with the harsh winter. Monnin’s lost its cherry and plum crop due to the snow and bitter cold. Now, owners said they’re just hoping the farm can recover enough to get blooming again.

“I hope that we’ll be able to survive. I’m just hoping to break even for this year,” said Monnin.

The road will be back open sometime in November. In the meantime, drivers will have to use detours to get to the farm.

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