WPAFB Lt. Colonel among ‘johns’ arrested in sweep

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A nationwide sweep of so-called ‘johns’ ended with the arrests of nearly 25 people here in Dayton.

The National Johns Arrests Operation was conducted from July 17 through August 3.

The Street Crimes Unit spent eight days looking for people soliciting prostitutes on our streets and also online requests.

Police reports cite that both Michael Nelson and Jeffery Sebor work for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB).

2 NEWS spoke with officials at the base who said records don’t list Sebor as an employee, but officials said he could be contracted to the base.

Nelson, however, is an employee; the base released the following statement Monday afternoon:  “Col Nelson is assigned to WPAFB. Air Force officials are aware of the incident and are looking into the matter.”

2 NEWS’ Beairshelle Edmé dug deeper and found Nelson in fact has no previous criminal history.

Dayton police say that’s not uncommon; official records show that some of  those arrested are business directors, leaders and even a Central State University professor.

“This is a problem that’s plagued our neighborhoods in a lot of cases, where people call in where there’s prostitutes walking up and down their streets, in the alleys. Their kids are out there playing. You know, a lot of times there’s other crimes related to this,” said Lt. Joe Wiesman. “You know, the johns are people who are, you know, successful in their communities and yet their coming in to our communities here and trying to pick up prostitutes and hopefully you know just this operation will tell people if you come to Dayton and you attempt to pick up prostitutes you will be arrested.”

Compared to last year’s sting, officials made 50 percent less in arrests; however, the department believes it’s operation remains a success.

Those arrested have been booked and will be charged.

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