Advocates say breed is not the problem

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  A deadly dog attack Monday has been ruled an accident.

The Butler County Coroner said Cythnia Whisman’s daughter’s pit bull caused her death.

The breed has many critics, but Tuesday Beairshelle Edmé got answers from those sticking up for the dogs.

Several advocates said that often, people believe bully breeds will naturally attack.

The recent five attacks throughout Dayton and the Miami Valley have strengthened that belief.

A utility worker, a 7-month-old infant, a 3-year-old toddler, a middle-aged neighbor and Monday, a grandmother.

But advocates remain firm that these attacks aren’t the dog’s nature, but its poor nurturing.

One man said killing the dog won’t solve the problem.

“It’s education before euthanization. They need to realize and learn before they just dismiss the whole breed and everything because it’s really not fair,” said David Mazal, a manager for a Dayton Facebook page advocating for the breed.

He said if more owners learn how to care for pit bulls and mixes then less attacks would happen.

Fellow advocate Blake Jordan agrees; Jordan works with Miami Valley Pit Crews, an organization that places pits bulls and other dogs in foster homes.

‘Raise them like they would any other dog. If it’s a family dog, raise it like any other dog. That’s what these dogs were intended to do; they’re domesticated dogs. They need human interaction in a positive light. These dogs do these things, not just pit bulls, but every dog will act out when it’s not handled properly,” Jordan said.

Which is why these advocates are calling on owners to learn about their animals and how to raise them.

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