Coroner’s office needs help identifying human remains

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office is now turning to the public for help in identifying human remains found in Dayton.

Officials held a news conference Friday afternoon where they released pictures that they’re hoping will lead to information.

A forensic anthropologist has determined the bones belonged to a man between 35 and 65 years old. They believe he was about 5’11” but they can’t positively confirm his race. They say he was wearing dark brown work pants and a hooded jacket with decorative beads in a distinct pattern.

The remains were originally discovered in the 3300 block of Home Avenue July 16th, but part of the skull was gone. Officials have been working ever since to identify the man.

“There’s so much variation in the measurement areas we take, it becomes a broad range which is why we’re hesitant to do this because it narrows the search when we really are talking about a lot of variability,” said Dr. Kent Harshbarger of the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office. “But the reality is, we need help. We’re stuck where we are right now unless we get a missing person to compare to.”

The coroner said his office believes the man was dead for two to five years, but they’re unclear how he died.

Officials are asking if you have information, call the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office at 937-225-4156.

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