Former addict offers hope to breaking heroin habit

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A “bad batch” of heroin is to blame for the death of eight people in the Miami Valley last weekend.

For Matt Stevens, the news did not come as a shock. He knew it could easily have been him.

“It wasn’t that I was always just chasing my next high,” said Stevens. “It was just that I was on it for so long, I wasn’t getting high anymore. I was just getting well. I didn’t want to be sick. That was my biggest fear. The sickness that comes along with the withdrawals.”

For three years, Stevens was addicted to heroin after getting started on pain pills. It took five months in a correctional facility for him to realize the drugs were not working.

He said one reason heroin has become such a problem is how easily anyone can find it.

“It was like honey,” said Stevens. “You would just go to certain parts of town and pull up to a gas station or red light and people would offer you a free tester.”

Last week, the FBI and Dayton Police raided a home on Harberer Avenue seizing an undetermined amount of drugs.

Law enforcement officials say it takes a community effort to put an end to the heroin problem. People should not just report the problem but also offer support to those struggling to battle the addiction.

The community support something Stevens said has been the best thing for him why he will never go back.

“Life is so much better without it,” said Stevens. “So why would I want to go back to that.”

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