Loaded gun found in carry-on at Dayton International

Loaded gun found at Dayton International Airport. (Photo/TSA)
Loaded gun found at Dayton International Airport. (Photo/TSA)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Police confiscated a gun from a passenger at Dayton International Airport.

Transportation Safety Administration officers spotted the gun inside a laptop computer case as it passed through security.

The passenger admitted that the gun was his and was loaded. He says he forgot the gun was there.

The passenger showed all the proper papers for having the weapon. It was confiscated and he was allowed to board a plane to his destination.

The FBI, TSA and police are investigating. Charges are possible.

This is the second gun confiscated in a month at the airport.  A former police officer forgot about his gun in his carry-on last month.  He too was allowed to continue on his flight once it was made clear that there was no threat.

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