The detours designed to save lives

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A major road construction project is not keeping people from getting to one hospital’s emergency room.

More than a month into construction, South Main Street in Dayton is down to one lane in each direction in front of Miami Valley Hospital.

We found sometimes traffic is stopped altogether when certain work is being done.

So is it holding up ambulances?

“No, actually not,” says Chief Operating Officer Mikki Clancy. “We maybe had one instance where someone had a little trouble but it was just a matter of moments.”

Clancy says the hospital did a lot of pre-planning on the best way to handle the construction, including handing out maps to ambulance drivers.

“The most important thing is we got together with the fire and EMS specialists who see us most frequently and we worked with them on what would make this work the smoothest,” Clancy says.

The hospital set up a temporary ambulance entrance off Wyoming Street.

It’s also directing employees and patients to other routes, like nearby Brown Street.

“That’s taken a lot of traffic off Main Street,” Clancy says.

Hospital officials say for all the traffic difficulties, the construction hasn’t kept away patients.

“Actually we’ve been very, very busy,” Clancy says.

The project is supposed to go until October of next year, but Clancy says the most disruptive part of the construction is taking place now.

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