State revises Northridge school performance record

Northridge Schools
Northridge Schools. (WDTN Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (AP/WDTN) – The Ohio Department of Education is making more than 100 revisions to district and school ratings in the state following an investigation into attendance data-scrubbing.

The Northridge Local Schools saw revisions in the 2012-2013 report to two measures on the overall report card for the district and three changes to individual schools.

The department previously recalculated the Northridge district in 2011. It included a reduction in the rating from excellent to continuous improvement.

The inflated rating allowed the district to receive nearly $28,000 in state bonus money for excellent academic performance. The department has recovered those funds.

The overall ratings of two schools in Cincinnati and one school in Cleveland for 2012 were lowered after the recalculations, while one Cleveland school’s rating improved.

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