Carillon Brewing Company offers historical cheers to beer

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A new Dayton brewery opened Friday and its focus is on something old.

The Carillon Brewing Company is giving you a chance to see and taste history.

The brewery is the first brewing operation in the country to open in a museum or historical park.

“What we are doing as far has history goes is replicating as much of Dayton’s 1850’s brewing process. Everything from the implements we’re using to the beer that we’re making and the interpretation of the foods were serving,” said Tonya Brock, brewery manager.

From ales to porters, you will be able to taste beers from different points in history and see how they have changed from pre-prohibition to today’s growing craft beer movement, but there is something else brewing here.

“We’re trying to replicate some of the architecture you would have found in 1850’s brewery or factory. The large tempers were hand hued by the construction team here on our site. You’ll see and hear fires. Fires to keep you warm to fires to heat up our brewing kettles.”

The ale uses grain that’s been malted just like it was done in the 19th century.

The brewery is also using Ohio-Grown hops.

“We’re trying to bring life back into what made Dayton a booming center in 1850.”

Friday was a soft opening allowing you to see the exhibit and demonstration.

The park is still working on its liquor license from the state.

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