Dueling news conferences regarding Walmart shooting

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Attorneys for the family of John Crawford, the third say they are concerned Attorney General Mike DeWine is not publicly releasing the surveillance video from the fatal shooting at the Beavercreek Walmart earlier this month.

Michael Wright and Richard Schulte, of the law firm, Wright and Schulte were joined in a news conference Tuesday by John Crawford, the second, the younger Crawford’s father.

They described what was shown to them on the video by Mike DeWine. They said they saw John Crawford leaning on the butt of a BB gun with the barrel pointing to the floor as he was talking on his cell phone.

They say they also saw other shoppers walking by Crawford unconcerned and indifferent to him. One of those shoppers was Angela Williams of Fairborn, who they said the tape showed was not concerned by Crawford’s presence. Williams later heard the police gunshots and tried to reach her children in the store. She suffered a medical condition and died later that day.

According to Attorney Wright, “the video shows John made no aggressive movements towards police. He was shot almost immediately upon their arrival. You saw him on the phone and in the next frame, he was on the ground.”

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