Officials: Nothing more can be done at Buck Creek

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — Rushing rapids now dominate the landscape of Buck Creek in Springfield, but it wasn’t always that way.

Before 2010, the creek had various low-head dams to maintain water levels at certain areas; however, from 2010-2012, city leaders replaced the the dams because of their danger.

Peter Noonan, President of the Springfield Conservancy District, explained that even with safer rapids, the creek has signs that warn of its dangers.

“We have previously, and have continued to maintain signage. Which I might add is not as easy as it might seem,” he said.

Noonan says it’s not easy because people steal the signs.

Kisha Forman frequently bikes near Buck Creek. She tells us that the problem at-hand can be fixed.

“I think a fence and more signs would resolve the issue,” Forman said.

She says the area near the Springfield Arts Museum doesn’t see many people swimming.

“The fact that there’s four signs where nobody swims. I layout here. There’s nobody that swims here,” Forman added, “They’ve got one sign spray painted on the wall where four children have died.”

She’s wanting city leaders to take action — and cut out things that may entice people to swim in the dangerous creek.

“Stuff they can swing off of. They have steps. They even have steps where you can walk down into the water.”

So we asked Noonan to find out if anything will be done to improve safety near the creek. He tells us he believes the signs are adequate and nothing more can be done.

“We’ve tried everything we can do without piping the creek, and you know, grassing it over. Beyond that there’s not much more we can do,” Noonan told us over the phone.

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