Fair scholarship continues ‘Live Like Levi’ legacy

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The annual “Sale of Champions” at the Montgomery County Fair signals the end of a chapter in ‘Fair Week'; however, for one local family — the auction represents a new opportunity to honor the life of Levi Montoya.

Levi, 15, died two months ago when he lost control of his all-terrain vehicle. His ATV crashed into a tree.

Christy, Lucky and Bailey Montoya had a chance to honor Levi on Monday by creating a scholarship and trust fund. Today, the ‘Live Like Levi’ scholarship was awarded to Zane Kozarec.

“I’m very joyous because I felt like I made Levi proud today by winning his award,” Kozarec said.

The scholarship is given to another 4-H member who personifies the qualities that made Levi a standout — leadership and passion.

In order to win the scholarship, 4-H members had to take four “skill-a-thon” tests. These tests are designed to show knowledge of a given animal. Kozarec says one of the tests had to be on an animal the member didn’t have entered into the fair this year.

Also on Monday–Levi’s brother bailey showed his little brother’s grand champion reserve pig. It’s the last animal raised by Levi that’ll be shown at the fair this year.

“I’m taking on that role of living out his spirit and his attitude and drive to succeed,” Bailey Montoya told 2 NEWS on Monday.

A final sale and a scholarship that will live on. Levi’s mother says it’s a fitting tribute for her son.

“Today’s kind of been the highlight. I think everything that’s happened during the week has just magnified what Levi was, and what he stood for,” Christy Montoya said.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about the family’s effort, visit Live Like Levi Facebook Page or write to 13887 Oxford Rd., Germantown, Ohio 45327.

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