Parents call police when buses run hours late

CLAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– The first day of school ends with some students stuck on the bus for several hours, while parents frantically tried to track them down.

Carrie Sparks has two daughters in the Northmont school district.

Her youngest, goes to Kleptz Early Learning Center, then rides the bus to Union Elementary School for daycare.

Tonight, Sparks went to pick her two daughters up at Union, only to find out one of them was missing.

“So, I wait outside and still no Lilly. Still no Lilly. Still No Lilly. Still nothing. So then I go in. The other parents are waiting out here too, and we’re all ranting and raving ‘Where are our kids?'”

Northmont Superintendent, Dr. Sarah Zetik said the buses got off to a very late start.

“The first week, you know you’re always a little bit behind, but today was really ridiculous and I agree with parents being upset baout it. This is not the way we like things to go.”

Dr. Zetik said they kept all 14 buses in the parking lot until all students were accounted for.

Wednesday afternoon, they plan to let bus drivers leave one by one, or as soon as everyone on the bus is accounted for.

She also said some of the aides are new, as are the routes the drivers are taking.

Sparks called police after she said endless calls to the bus barn, and the schools left her with no answers.

“They found her at 7:00. They got here with my daughter, and she was out of school at 3:50.”

Two other students had fallen asleep while riding the bus.

Dr. Zetik said she was disappointed about how the day ended, “I know that’s scary. You know, I’ve had four children myself, so I know. It’s a scary situation, and it’s not a situation that we are happy with. We are making a lot of changes for tomorrow.”

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