Troy soccer fields vandalized threatening season

TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – Some of the best fields in Troy are unplayable after police say a person vandalized the city park.

For some of the young athletes, their season was just beginning.

“She started in the spring and this is her second season,” said Jennifer Tillman. Her daughter was preparing for practice with a city-organized team Tuesday.

The practice, however, happened in one section of the field. The rest of the field was unsafe after a vehicle left large streaks into the ground.

“It’s terrible,” said J.J. Frigge, a soccer coach in Troy. “There’s ruts all over Fields 1 and 2. They’re going to have to re-sod them.”

Both those fields are now out of commission. City crews said the field would have to be closed for maintenance the rest of the season.

Police estimate the cost to be hundreds of dollars.

The plan is to have the fields ready again by next season.

But a driver’s joyride has become a nuisance for the teams hoping to use the park this fall.

“They’re trying to find other fields to play on,” said Frigge. “Hopefully, across the parking lot here at the other part of Duke Park on one of the practice fields. Maybe some of the other fields in Troy, also.”

Parents said it is frustrating to see this act of vandalism have such a negative effect on so many kids.

“It’s kids who are probably out just trying to have fun but they are picking the wrong way to have a good time,” said Tillman.

Troy police are accepting anonymous tips into the park’s vandalism.

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