K-Mart closings mean upset layaway customers

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — Two K-Marts are closing their locations, and some customers with layaway merchandise are now dealing with the break-up.

K-Mart announced earlier last month that it would be closing down their Springfield and Fairborn locations — a move that will cost nearly 130 people their jobs.

But it’s also costing customers who have merchandise on layaway with the national retailer.

Kimberly Sagraves is one of those customers. She says she put more than $1,000 worth of items on layaway, with the intent to pay it off by December 13th.

“It’s not right to do this to everybody right before Christmas.”

Before paying her first bill, she says she was stunned to find out her payment plan would be changed.

“We went to make our first payment, and saw the sign that everything had to be paid by November 1st.”

The new deadline is happening at the Springfield and Fairborn locations, according to a sign posted at the entrance.

Because of the store closings — Sagraves is forced to make payments that double what she was expecting to pay every two weeks. If she’s unable to make payments, she’s been told by the store that she will receive a refund on what she’s paid.

Sagraves also tells 2 NEWS that the K-Mart location would waive a cancellation fee for the inconvenience.

“It’s still very stressful. We’re having to just deal with it and come up with the money, or lose the layaway. It’s terribly wrong for them to not have anything in place to give us more time. I asked them to transfer my layaway to another K-Mart. I would drive to another town.”

Sagraves tells us she was told by K-Mart employees that she’d have until December 18th to pay-off her layaway account; however, management inside the store explained that she would have until November 1st. After hours on the phone she was able to push the deadline back to November 7th.

She says she has no idea when K-Mart is planning to close.

We’ve asked K-Mart’s corporate leaders what plan is in place for those with layaway at closing stores.

We’ve yet to hear back from their corporate office.

Sagraves has also reached out to K-Mart, but without much luck.

“The lady on the line actually said, well we should be able to transfer that, hold on a moment. And I waited on hold for quite awhile.”

Sagraves still hasn’t been able to transfer her layaway items.

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