Specialty grocery stores on the rise in the Miami Valley

Dayton area sees boom in specialty grocery stores. (WDTN Photo/Eric Pointer)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Friday evening there was a job fair for a new store coming Dayton called Fresh Thyme. There is also a new Whole Foods going up in Centerville. The area is seeing these specialty stores pop up more and more.

Fred Pfeiffer, a Dorothy Lane Market store director said he thinks the prepared food and convenience is what makes the store different from regular grocery stores. Fred says specialty stores also carry items that most other grocery stores don’t.

The president of the Ohio Grocers Association, Nate Filler, said that now is a great time for specialty stores, and the success of stores like Dorothy Lane Market could be why more are coming to the area.

Filler said, “Specialty markets are growing nationwide. prepared foods, and organic foods are top of mind for Ohio consumers. Competition is good for consumers and creates more options for quality foods in the Dayton region.”

That’s competition that Fred says Dorothy Lane Market isn’t worried about.

“It keeps us on doing our best. We like to focus on what we do best. We don’t worry about what everyone else does. We know that our customers like us for what we do,” said Pfeiffer.

Specialty stores are on the rise, but they aren’t for everyone. One woman said she prefers the traditional grocery store by her house because she knows where everything is and she says it has better prices.