Family escapes early morning fire

A house was damaged by fire on Carnation Road in Dayton (Photo: Zev Orenstein)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A family was able to escape unharmed from an early morning fire in Dayton.

It started just after 8:00 am Tuesday in the 6100 block of Carnation Road, near Teagarden Circle.

A woman says she woke up and smelled smoke inside her house. She went into the garage where she saw smoke on the ceiling.

The woman was able to take her children, 2 and 4-years-old out of the house to stay with a neighbor while she called 911.

When firefighters arrived they had to cut a hole in the garage door to gain access to the garage and fight the fire.

Most of the damage was contained in the garage. Some interior rooms of the home closest to the garage had some smoke damage.

Fire officials didn’t estimate the dollar amount of damage caused by the fire.

A fire investigator was called to the scene. The woman living in the house says there was an electric space heater in the garage, but fire officials wouldn’t confirm that as a potential cause of the fire.

Fire officials say after the investigator goes through the home a determination will be made as to whether the family can stay in the home or be forced to find another place to stay.