Thieves break into West Dayton grocery store, causing thousands in damages

Credit: Steph Muhlenkamp

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A staple grocery store in Dayton was broken-into early Sunday morning, racking up thousands of dollars in damages.

Estridge Market has been around since 1950. It’s one of the only grocery stores left in West Dayton. Sunday morning, it became the target of a break-in. Despite what happened, owner Stan Angel says he’s staying put and doesn’t have any plans to relocate. Angel and his customers are now trying to understand why his store was targeted.

“This store is very important,” customer Ramona Williams said. “In the neighborhood.”

Williams is one of of several Estridge Market customers, who rely heavily on the store.

“Estridge Market got the best food,” Williams said. “And the best meat we’ve ever had here. Why tear up the store. It’s not even worth it.”

Williams is taking about the damage caused by thieves trying to break-in to the store on Hoover Avenue near Gettysburg avenue around 6 o’clock Sunday morning.

“The neighbor called us before the alarm company did and told us the truck you can see the skid marks. They took off with the door and hauled it up the road.”

Angel believes thieves were after this ATM. It’s a trend police are starting to notice in this area.

“It’s happening kind of around the neighborhood,” Angel said. “They’re jerking the doors down to make a quick entrance and a quick getaway.”

Angel had a 4-by-4 securing the door, but that wasn’t strong enough for the suspects–who are believed to have used a car and chain to rip the door off.

The break-in comes just a week after Aldi announced it’s closing its store in Westown and a month after the Food for Less grocery burnt to the ground, leaving residents with few options to shop for groceries.

“You still want to stay here and take care of the neighborhood,” Angle said. “Because the people still need a place to shop. I just wish the City would work more with us than worrying about everyone else leaving. We haven’t left and we are going to be here.”

Angel plans to repair the doors Monday morning. The store plans to stay open throughout the process.