One injured after house fire in Washington Township

(WDTN Photo/ Dominic Wilson)

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – A man is in hospital with smoke inhalation injuries after a house fire.

Fire officials say they’re still not sure what sparked the blaze that left the Shawnee Trail home heavily damaged.

Firefighters say the blaze started in the front of the home and quickly spread up to the roof before engulfing the structure.

Neighbors say the homeowner was inside when it happened but he managed to escape the flames with his dog.

“Tom, the owner of the house, came walking down the street with one of the firemen. He had bare feet. He was just really shaken,” neighbor Kathy Akers said.

She said she gave her neighbor a glass of water, shoes, fresh clothes and took in his dog – before paramedics took the man to the hospital.

“He said it was probably a cigarette in a trash can that he thought had started it. He thought he put it out,” Akers said. “I guess it was on the front porch – high, flames – you know you’re shocked when you see that… and then the roof started – the flames were high from the roof. Dark, black smoke.”

Washington Township Fire Department Battalion Chief Joel Holbrook said investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire.

“We did have some water pressure issues, most likely due to the weather,” Holbrook said.

“There’s such a significant amount offire damage that we’re actually having a little bit of difficulty getting crews inside to hit the hot spots and to make sure the fire is completely out.”

Neighbours gathered on the sidewalks, watching firefighters work to put out the last of the flames.

“I can’t even imagine coming home to this. It’s just really sad. Lost everything,” neighbor Mitchell Mcalpin said.

A neighbor told our 2 NEWS crew the man injured in the fire said if he ever went to intensive care, he wanted his turtle and fishes to be taken care of.

(WDTN Photo/ Dominic Wilson)