Pam Elliot

Pam-Elliot-320Award-winning investigative reporter Pam Elliot is the lead reporter for the 2 NEWS Investigates team.

Her methodical approach to asking the tough questions and relentless pursuit of the truth makes her a shoo-in for her new role at 2 NEWS.

Pam moved into the role as lead investigator after co-anchoring 2 NEWS Today. Before moving to Dayton, Pam served as an investigative reporter for sister station WISH-TV in Indianapolis. She knows the importance of morning news and looks forward to establishing a connection with early risers in Central Ohio. She co-anchored WISH-TV’s Daybreak for 7 of her 15 years at WISH.

Pam has received two nationally-recognized Gracie Allen Awards, one for her coverage of Hoosiers on a mission trip in Cuba, and one for her reports from Iraq and Kuwait. She also traveled to Afghanistan to bring back stories of Indiana National Guard Soldiers serving in that war zone. Pam is a three-time emmy nominee and has been recognized by the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists and Indiana Broadcasters Association. Our own company, LIN Television awarded her employee of the year honors in 1995 placing her in LIN’s Circle of Excellence.

Prior to her joining the LIN family, Pam was an anchor/reporter for WMBD-TV in Peoria, Illinios. Pam attended Vanderbilt University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Communications. She is originally from Columbus, Ohio and still has family there. Pam enjoys spending time with family and friends especially when it involves either church mission work or an OSU football game. She considers singing, walking, and working out all good forms of therapy. And she’s most proud of her daughter Hope.

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  • Birthday: October 30th
  • Born: Columbus, Ohio
  • Top Five Interests: Family & friend time, Singing, Spiritual growth, Writing, Walking
  • Favorite Music: Broadway soundtracks, Barry Manilow, Phil Collins, rock like Styx, Kansas, Foreigner
  • Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang, West Side Story
  • Favorite TV Show: The Today Show, Friday Night Lights, The Nightly News
  • Favorite Books: The Bible, The Dictionary, Kite Runner
  • Heroes: My parents, my brother, Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, Paul Newman, my former pastor Joan
  • One person To Have Dinner With: Diane Sawyer
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