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The next generation of toys

Toy makers show off the next generation of toys at the New York toy fair and this year, they look more like high tech gadgets.

Airline employee prevents sex trafficking

The girls did not realize that their plane tickets were one way. Both of them told their parents they were spending the night at the other’s…

How to ask for a raise

We all want to make more money. but according to a new survey most of us won’t ask for a raise.

Gift card scam alerts

(NBC NEWS) –  Scammers are always looking for new ways to get your money. One troubling trend centers around gift cards from a well-known on…

“Phubbing” in relationship

2 NEWS Today Anchor John Seibel gives us some advice about turning off or putting away our phones could help our relationships.

The future of 5G

(NBC NEWS) –  You’ve probably heard about 5G, the new cellular network the could make your phones faster. Researchers are also looking at ne…