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Dog helps boy walk again

Hunter VanBrocklin has cerebral palsy and got Wendy about four years ago through the Service Dog Project. After a year of training, Hunter c…

Bulldozer cuts oil pipeline

The incident happened around 4 p.m. and the oil company, Centurion, had the pipeline’s flow turned off after about an hour.

North Korea targets U.S. power grid

A report from the security firm FireEye, obtained exclusively by NBC News, states hackers linked to North Korea sent “spearphishing” emails …

Toddler left in Utah corn maze

Police Sgt. Joe Monson said someone noticed a little boy alone in the maze Monday night and brought the boy to the attention of the Crazy Co…

Apps keep parents in control

Technology, it is said, has made life much easier for everyone but how do you keep tabs on the ways your children use it?

Fans fenced out

After years of taking vandalism, trespassing and general rudeness in stride, the real-life homeowners have said enough, it’s off limits.