Tomato Luttice

Sallie makes Tomato Luttice with her friend David.

Roasted vegetables

Jo from The Little City Cooking School shows Katie and Zac how to make roasted vegetables.

Deg’s Flame Grilled Chicken

The folks from Deg’s Flame Grilled Chicken share tips on the best way to trim and marinate chicken.

BD Mongolian Grill

Check out the Southwest Fajita Bowl and Sweet and Sour recipes from BD’s. Both are vegetarian!

Mountain Dew pancakes

David shows us how to make Mountain Dew pancakes in the Living Dayton kitchen!  

Gluten free food at DLM

Katie and Zac learn how to bake gluten free while learning about a local event at Dorothy Lane Market.

Chicken Skewers

Dr. Harris and Dr. Rowser from Horizons Hormones and Weight Loss make chicken skewers in the Living Dayton Kitchen.

Fall pastries

Zac gets a look at some tasty fall pastries with the folks from Boosalis Baking & Cafe.

Tailgate party food

Chef Isiah shows us some non-traditional tailgate recipes to please any crowd.

Table 33

Sallie cooks with Chris from Table 33 today in the Living Dayton kitchen.

Whole Foods

Seven Sacred Species Salad with Wheat Berries, Barley, Olives, Figs, Dates, Grapes, and Pomegranate Yields: 8 to 10 servings   Dressing: ½ c…

The Spicy Olive Warm Apple Salad

The Spicy Olive Warm Apple Salad 5 TBSP The Spicy Olive’s Hojiblanca EVOO olive oil 2 TBSP The Spicy Olive’s Red Apple balsamic vinegar 1 ts…

Rusty Bucket

With football season starting up, let Rusty Bucket do all the cooking for your party!