Saving money for back to school shopping

Back-to-school shopping can be expensive! In fact, the National Retail Federation estimates the average family spent more than $673 on back-…

The Event Connections Bridal Show

The area’s top wedding professionals will be here to talk and share with you how they can help make your wedding amazing in a casual interac…

Training for The Dragons 5K

Before you join gem, heater, and hundreds of other runners for the Dragons 5K race, Dr. Rob is “in the house” with tips to help you perform …

Planning the perfect wedding

Maria Gossard, owner of Maria Gossard Designs shares advice on small steps you can take to ensure your big day go off without a hitch!

Learning to set boundaries in your life

If you’re an overly ambitious person, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed and stressed, but there is a way you can learn to manage it!

Gardening for kids

Summertime is a great time to get your kids into gardening. Duke from Stockslager’s shows you how.

Art sensory for babies and toddlers

You don’t have to wait until they’re in preschool to enroll your kids in art classes. Decoy Art has special classes for younger kids.

Join Mensa

Think you have what it takes to join Mensa? Well now is your chance to find out. Find out when and where you can take the admission test.

Learning self-defense

Be prepared if the only option is to fight back! If you’re in need of some great self defense tips to keep yourself protected this summer, S…

Getting the most out of a garage sale

Out with the old and in with the new! Summer is garage sale season. Whether you’re trying to clean out clutter or hoping to make a few extra…

Patriotic cocktails

Root Meister 1 oz. Jagermeister 1 oz. Averna 1 oz. Amaretto Cola Glass: Tall Ice: Cubed Garnish: None Pour the Jagermeister, Averna, and ama…

Hair Raising Science

Mister C is back to show how science can be both fun and educational.  Below are the materials you need to do the experiment at home. ● Mate…