Volley For Heart

Learn how this annual volleyball tournament raises money for The American Heart Association.

Negative Effects of Flip-Flops

Flip flops go hand in hand with summer and warm weather. It’s easy to slip on a flip flop and go, but there could be negative long term effe…

Addressing the heroin crisis

Officials say the Dayton area has become ground zero for the heroin epidemic. Learn what’s being done to get addicts the help they need.

Man drops 230 pounds to join the Army

William Guinn Jr. was officially sworn in to the Army during a ceremony that took place in Dallas on Thursday – a proud moment that’s been o…

West Nile Warning

Officials have found a case of “West Nile” virus here in the Miami Valley. The Clark County combined health district says a mosquito found i…

“The O-Shot”

Sexual dysfunction affects 1 in 5 women. Dr. Rob tells you about a special shot that can lead to younger smoother skin, increased desire,enh…

Self-defense for women

Sanford talks about how to defend yourself when someone pulls or grabs onto your hair.

30 smoke-free days

If you or loved one have wanted to quit smoking, now is a great time to break the habit.

Power foods to prepare for Dragons 5K

Just like your car needs fuel to travel, so does your body! If you’re running in the Dragons 5K tomorrow, the foods you eat the day before, …

Quick workouts for busy parents

You don’t need a lot of time or a lot of expensive equipment in order to get in a good workout. Woman’s Health Fitness Star finalist, Lana T…

Training for The Dragons 5K

Before you join gem, heater, and hundreds of other runners for the Dragons 5K race, Dr. Rob is “in the house” with tips to help you perform …

Pan Ohio Hope Ride

Find out how you can pedal to raise money to support cancer research.