World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day and we find out how we can make the first step to making type one, type none!  

Winter driving tips for teenagers

Winter driving can be scary and dangerous for new drivers. Mike from AAA offers tips to keep your teens safe on the roads when the snow star…

Hormone replacement therapy

If you’ve been feeling low on energy and hoping to increase your mental clarity, there’s a procedure at Jiva Med Spa can help!

National Eating Healthy Day

Folks from the American Heart Association talk about their new campaign and how it can benefit your family.


Dr. Rob explains the significance of mustaches in November and why it’s used to create awareness for men’s health.

Dealing with opposing political views

In just one week millions of Americans will head to the polls. There’s no question this tight election has a tendency to drum up some heated…

Increase focus in the classroom

Many kids are starting to come home with their first report card for the year and it’s a great time to gauge how they’re doing in class. Ong…

Stroke awareness

Learn the steps that could help save a life while promoting stroke awareness for “World Stroke Day”.

Top 3 supplements for beautiful skin

We all want beautiful skin on the outside, but did you know it starts with what we put inside our bodies? Skin Care Specialist, Marta Rey sh…

Healthy eating for pregnant women

Learning that you’re pregnant can be a really exciting life-changing moment, but the weeks that follow leave some moms-to-be sick and with n…

Side effects of anti bacterial soap

You may be a self-proclaimed cleaning machine or someone who just likes to have clean hands to keep the germs away, but are you actually doi…

Halloween eye safety

Each year, eye injuries resulting from Halloween costumes and masks land many trick-or-treaters in local emergency rooms. Katie Neubert from…


Today young adult survivors of cancer and other diseases are looking forward to a future of long term survival due to improved treatments. H…

Flu prevention with Dr. Kindy

Flu season is among us, but no worries as Dr. Kindy Ghussin is here to let us know how to prevent getting sick.