Negative effects of high heels

High heel shoes load all the weight forward on the ball of the foot which can cause pain. Disorders caused by high heels – metatarsal pain, …

Veterinary dental care

We are used to brushing our teeth daily and visiting the dentist at least twice a year, but what about our pets and their teeth?  Dr. Craig …

Testing to detect cognitive decline

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Balancing your hormones

If unbalanced hormones are causing some ups and downs in your life, hormone therapy might be the solution.

Getting over the winter blues

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Health benefits of wine

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Healthy Lips

Dr. Rob is “in the house” with some great remedies for chapped lips.  


Kelli Pitrone brings some healthy food into the Living Dayton kitchen.

Quick exercises

Scott Knisely from Epic Life Fitness has some exercises you can do on your lunch break.

Peanut allergy updates

Dr. Roer explains the changes to peanut allergies and what you should know.

Tone Up Tuesday

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Devilish foods

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