Kick Butts Day!

Do you have a loved one who needs to quit smoking? This campaign is the trick for you.

Great Skin for the Big Day

Marta Rey gives some DIY tips for making your skin look blushing if you are a bride to be. SPONSORED BY MARTA REY, PRESIDENT, MARTA REY SKIN…

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and Dayton Gastroenterology is here sharing signs, symptoms, and even some fun events regarding color…

Diminish Dark Circles and Bags

Marta Rey shares some quick tips to make you look younger with ease. SPONSORED BY MARTA REY – PRESIDENT, MARTA REY SKINCARE

Dr. Roz: Pregnant Over 35

Dr. Roz shares pregnancy tips and risks for those expecting a child at the age of 35 and over. SEGMENT SPONSORED BY DR. ROZ M.D.

Dr. Rob in the House!

Dr. Rob fills us in on the safety of certain hormone replacement therapies.

Improve Your Diet

A local nutritionist is back to share four quick fixes that can improve your health in just one month.

Marta Rey: Fire and Ice

Marta Rey shares some facial remedies that treat you with both fire and ice!

YOUNGER YOU week: Healthy Eating

A local nutritionist and dietitian stops by to share some healthy eats for a younger look! Visit her website for more information.

Dr. Rob Gets Heart Healthy

Dr. Rob is here to share tips to keep a woman’s heart healthy during Heart Disease Awareness Month.

$7 Deals for Your Makeup!

A local makeup artist stops by to share some must-have goodies for the winter, all for $7 or less!