Chicken Skewers

Dr. Harris and Dr. Rowser from Horizons Hormones and Weight Loss make chicken skewers in the Living Dayton Kitchen.

Greater Dayton 5K Heart Walk

This weekend is the Greater Dayton 5K Heart Walk. Learn how you can take part in the event.

Pediatric Flatfoot

Dr. Sunshein explains the symptoms of pediatric flatfoot and what to look for in your children.

WellSpace Grand Opening

Life throws many curve balls! In today’s fast paced environment, it’s easy to get stressed. Thankfully, here’s a new place opening up that c…

Preventing gum disease

Gum disease is a lot more common than you think, but it can be avoided if you do what your dentist tells you! Kondas Dental Group shares tip…

Ancho-Rubbed Ribs

Brookdale Senior Living is committed to providing the highest quality services in senior living. A part of those services involve food.

Hands Only CPR Training

The American Heart Association wants to help you, help others. They’ve developed a way you can learn hands-only CPR in just 5 minutes.

Heroin epidemic and treatment options

Many of you have seen the headlines about the increasing number of deaths due to opioids here in our area. There is hope for your loved ones…

Reaching your fall fitness goals

Now that the lazy days of summer are coming to a close and the kids are headed “back to school,” it’s time for us adults to get “back to hea…

Treating sprained ankles

Whether you are a professional athlete or just play sports for fun, the demands on your feet and lower limbs can lead to a wide range of inj…

Veggie Palooza

Learn how you can get your kids to include more vegetables in their diet!