Smile Innovations

We’re happy to welcome back Dr. Ian Rae with how Smile Innovations can help get you on the fast track to the perfect smile.    

Cleaning tips for flu prevention

It’s officially flu season and one of the easiest ways to catch the flu is when it spreads throughout your home. Craig from Maid Right share…

The “Healthy Skin Diet”

Skin Care Specialist, Marta Rey talks about the role certain foods play in keeping your skin healthy.

Managing chronic back pain

If you or anyone you know suffers from chronic back pain, Quantum Physical Therapy may be able to help!

Find your soul mate

Some people may think that finding a soul mate during the holidays can be a tricky thing. Dr. Carol Morgan from Wright State University tell…

Cellfina System

Dr. Nanda of Jiva Med Spa explains how the Cellfina System can help reduce the look of cellulite for years!

Post Feasting Workout

After a day full of feasting on turkey and sweets, Raquel from Boricua Fitness is here with a workout that’ll help you burn some of those ca…

Healthy eating on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to connect with family and friends but it can sometimes wreck havoc on your waist line. Some simple strateg…

Advanced Fertility Testing

Dr. Jeremy Groll from Springcreek Fertility talks about advancements in technology that’ll help with family planning.

Tattoo Removal

We take a look at Zac’s journey at Jiva Med Spa with his tattoo removal process.  

Preventing Diabetes

It’s still National Diabetes Awareness Month and YMCA is here to give you tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes.      

Thanksgiving Travel

AAA stops by with tips to make sure your Thanksgiving travel goes smoothly.

Great American Smoke Out

The Great American Smoke Out encourages adults in the Miami Valley to kick the habit and stop smoking!