Moves for a Sexy Back

  When you exercise, your back is almost always neglected. Raquel Rivera-Hill from Boricua Fitness shows Sallie some moves that might help.


Summer Crafts

  When it rains during the summer, parents have to find ways to keep their kids busy. Katie Koors from Michael’s Arts and Crafts shows Shaun…


Panzanella Salad

  Now that the warm summer months are upon us, the folks from Little City Cooking School are in the Living Dayton kitchen making a panzanell…


Miami Valley Conferencing

  Shaun learns all the details about a local company that can help you grow your own business through audio, video and web conferencing.


U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

  The Air Force Thunderbirds are known around the world for their incredible flying skills, and Shaun and Katie talk to one member of the je…


Golden Knights

  The U.S. Army Golden Knights join Shaun and Katie to talk about their performance at this year’s air show.


Roger Doctor

  Roger Doctor, one of the air show’s announcers, has all the details about what to this year at the air show.


Twin Beech

  Katie and Shaun show you one of the most unusual air show acts you’ll see this year.


Sean D. Tucker

  Katie and Shaun talk to Sean D. Tucker about his amazing aerial acrobatic tricks.


F-18 Hornet

  One of the U.S. Navy’s finest aircraft, the F-18 Hornet Striker, will be at this year’s air show and Katie and Shaun learn all about this …