First date impressions

Dr. Carol is back with great advice for anyone getting back in the dating world.

Art Ball

Find out how you can be a part of this year’s Art Ball fundraiser.

Veggie fun

Fun ways to incorporate veggies in your kids daily meals.

Stress causing infertility issues

One out of eight couples experiences issues with infertility and for many of them the diagnosis can be quite stressful. Dr. Groll from Sprin…

First Friday

Check out what Dayton is offering at First Friday!

Pet of the week

Meet the pet of the week and see some dog tricks.  

Making Memories Golf Classic

Cedric Howard from the Alzheimers’ Association tells us about how to fight Alzheimers disease by golfing.

Sriracha salmon sandwich

Chef Lee Anne House from HouseMade teaches us how to easily make a sriracha salmon sandwich.

Teen driving

Learn how to keep your teens safe behind the wheel with Pat Brown from AAA.

Walk Against Heart Disease

Dr. Muhammad Ashraf and Amy Springer stop in to talk about the walk against heart disease in Springfield.  

Hockey camp

Check out the new hockey camp coming to Dayton.

Cocktails and cookouts

Chef Lee Anne House from HouseMade Siriracha makes a peachy cocktail.